I still don’t know what all the fuss is about but adverts abound for Angry Birds.  I’m pretty sure it is some form of mindless distraction geared towards those with too much time or too much technology on their hands.  I’ll take a nap instead.

The ads got me to thinking on this morning’s run how some people run that way, Angry that is.  Contorted, clenched, grinding, the pugilistic gutting out of every stride.  Letting the emotional and psychological demons of life sully the purist of forms for human self expression.   Battling instead of Being, Gladiator instead of Glider.  Some people still do manage to run well driven by this discontent, you can tell who they are by watching them race.

And of course the opposite is running relaxed, confident if you will.  We all carry our  idiosyncratic tensions when we run, very few of us were blessed with the ability to just float along.  Those that do move effortlessly seem to have been doubly blessed as speed is usually the mate of ease (reminds me of  my younger guru days).  But we can all learn to relax a bit in our daily runs, and in the end that will help you race better too.

Shoulders up, eyes ahead;  jaw, neck, and arms relaxed and moving to the rhythm of your natural stride.  Keeping your chest cavity up so eager lungs can fill with precious Oxygen, hips slightly under you for maximum efficiency from each stride.

West Mayoville under siege!  I took the trash out at 5:00 this morning to find that a couple (mine included) of houses here in West Bay Woods were hit by some gang related activity.  The neighbor’s garage and my driveway tagged with some foul, racist language, unfortunately the same words spray painted on my son’s ransacked car.   The same neighbor had her purse smashed & grabbed from her car while parked in the front row of Life Time Fitness, only one of such daring snatches there recently.  Maybe I need to move to Springfield.

Go West and South young man!