One of the foundations of my coaching philosophy is visualization.  Easy to give lip service to, harder to execute.  My prescription calls for a near zen like state.  Isolated, silent, eyes closed, emptying the mind of all clutter.  See, this is the hard part, getting rid of all the hubbub, bub.

Meditation is like running in that the more practiced you are the easier it is to slip into.  Where longer training sessions used to hold sway, the same benefits can now be had in relative moments.

Do you dare try this?  Can you see yourself?  As a winner.  As potential achieved.  Same thing, you achieve your potential and you’re a winner, doubters be damned.  Whether first or last (there’s always someone faster), if you acquit yourself with pure honesty, you are your own winner.  Chicken dinner.  You run the race against yourself first.  Always.

I’ve been at this gig a long time.  Almost 40 years in the sport.  I watched, listened, learned.  Did things this way and that way and finally settled on  my way.  Or the highway it used to be but no longer.  The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that you can only know what works for you.  Broad netting of general training principles endure but you’d better be able to tap into individual essence, whether as athlete or coach.

And I hope that will be my coaching legacy.  That I have been able to Hear the Truth of those that would Seek it.  Esoteric.