Breaking news from behind the curtain!  The Tin Man’s heart revealed!

I’ve penned near daily with the Lion’s Courage and the Scarecrow’s Brain but today I’m introducing a grander and more ameliorated heart.  Thanks to everyone that made yesterday such a special day.

Look, I’ve dug my heels in for over a decade.  Things like “My Way or the Highway!”  Or, “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to build a competitive community!”  Or, “They can kiss my ***!”  Focused on the battles, taking on each and every obstacle  with the same gusto, sometimes glee.  Dispatching those that would stand in the way of progress.  Always wary, eyes to the woods as it were.  Defender of Real Running.

But an amazing thing happened on the way to the coliseum, allowing unfiltered view of the blessings all around.  Hearing from running friends, and even older friends, from the last 50+ years has yet again softened this old man.  And for true, don’t doubt it for a minute, Linda has done even more.  We celebrated 4 years of mutual admiration and respect yesterday.  Those that know me best have seen the amazing transformation of their friend to one heck of a happy fella.

California International Marathon is this weekend.  Which means Houston Marathon is only 6 weeks away!  And  Boston only 18 weeks!  And Lincoln 6 months!  Giddyup!