Models, patterns, examples, templates, standards, prototypes, archetypes.

Why stick with a single dime when you can have a pair?

My first dime was a Mercury.  Winged feet inspiring generations of Nebraskans to run fast.

The second dime has captured both my and Linda’s imagination.  Satisfies our desire to continue in the service of others.  Love All Serve All.

Outside of the running realm entirely.    When  rewards aren’t of the monetary, vast riches await.  Giving.  Serving.  We have been offered a new opportunity.  For Bar None Produce to make a difference of the best kind in our community.  By partnering with a new not-for-profit that will feature locally sourced, best organic practices produce along with other local artisan items.

We’re honored and excited to have been asked to be a part of this incredible organization.  Great people doing great things for all the right reasons.

I  write so that things can be interpreted two  ways.  Two ways  of thinking of things.   Stimulating thought.

If you see it only one way you are only getting half  the message.  Only getting ten cents instead of  twenty.