I was logging my trail walks/jogs on a facebook page recently, keeping motivated and inspired by  like minded athletes.  Tried to log in my two mile run yesterday and find I’m removed from the group.  Did a little checking and found out it was a sub group of the Greater Omaha Trail Runners and that helped explain why.

Linda’s past.  Calculating, and effective.

Our 11th annual Ni-Bthaska-Ke seems to be verboten, off limits, non gratis to the largest group of trail runners in Nebraska.  But why?  We offer the oldest trail run in Nebraska, with great amenities, bragging rights, festive atmosphere, everything I’ve learned from over 30 years of race management.

I remember a time, not long ago, when no trail running community existed in Nebraska.

During the first years of Ni-Bthaska-Ke I taught or brought in a couple of those now in leadership with the GOATZ.   Mentored them.  The same one or two that can kiss my grits, they know who they are.  Two out of two thousand.

Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. athletes are treated first class by the GOATZ events.  They are courted, embraced and celebrated.  We participate in most all their races.  And we appreciate everything they are doing for trail/ultra running in Nebraska.

The GOATZ love our club.  But Linda and I are not welcome.  Those that know the dynamics of the GOATZ leadership, just the grits kissers, understand from whence it comes.

Ni-Bthaska-Ke is trying to return the favor to the GOATZ membership.  It is important to me that you know you are welcome.  Despite what comes down from on high.  Consider its source, consider the circumstances.

Please join us this April.  We want to treat you to what we do best.  You’ll find Linda and I are just like you in our appreciation of the trails.


This fella had a ball back in 2008!


2009 start line.


Always a competitive field but the real stories come from the people that challenge themselves and their sense of accomplishment afterwards.  2011 start line instructions.


In 2012 we moved the start so you can get a good burn going up.  My last year as boss of Team Nebraska.




2016 Start line with Trail Nebraska, NRGE, Inc., LRC Racing, and 300 others all chasing Patrick Rizzo on his way to an new event record.


Bea Sides joins Deanna and Joy with their age group booty.  Bea has run the 12K every year and will be on the line again on April 1st, No  Foolin!


Rizzo and Linda and Kyle and Tim and Brian and me and Kaci and Justin invite you all to join them and us!  Our new half marathon distance will be perhaps your greatest accomplishment of the year!  Kaci ran under 1 hour on the 12K course, a record likely never to be broken.  Both she and Rizzo have committed to the half for 2017.


Come run to  experience the sense of  accomplishment, stick around for the hot signature meal and beer garden!