Farther than you.  Longer than you.  Faster than you.  It could be you.

Ron Hill ended the longest running streak in history this past weekend.  Saturday’s 1 Mile was the last day of 52 years and 39 days straight with at least that distance.   My old buddy *Alex Galbraith from Houston moved up a notch to 4th on the active U.S. list.


Ron Hill’s Sportscaster Card, circa 1979.  When Real Men wore Real  Running Shorts.


Celebrating over half a century of Commonwealth Games Gold, World Records and permanent place in the history books.

The Coverts (45+ Years)
Rank, Name Streak date (MM/DD/YYYY) City, State, Occupation, Age Streak days (years)
1. Jon Sutherland 05/26/1969 West Hills, CA, Writer, 66 17418 days (47.69 years)
2. Jim Pearson 02/16/1970 Marysville, WA, Retired, 72 17152 days (46.96 years)
3. Stephen W. DeBoer 06/07/1971 Rochester, MN, Dietitian, 62 16676 days (45.66 years)
4. Alex T. Galbraith* 12/22/1971 Houston, TX, Attorney, 66 16478 days (45.11 years)