Full results from yesterday’s  Valentine’s  Day Runs on the banner above.  140 registered, 122 finishers.  The  trio  from Colorado, entry fee returns in Friday’s mail because they couldn’t make it and  they asked.  Photos on our 2017 Two Rivers Valentine’s  Day Runs facebook page.

Larry Hamm of Des Moines contacted me over a month ago, wanting to make  absolutely  sure the races were USATF Certified.  He  competes for national points in the 60+ age group but the runs ONLY COUNT if they are legit.

A dozen or so were running their very first 5K or 10K ever.   And they couldn’t have gone away any happier.  This is how you do it then.

Catering to runners of all ilk.  It took a while but the Nebraska Run Guru Events,  Inc formula is taking root, sprouting like collards on a heat mat.

I can’t say enough about our volunteers.  Huge thanks to y’all, from me and from our runners.

Tim Fry and several of your Club 402 runners, thank you.  Kami  Alessandro and  Megan Bold of Women  Run Nebraska, thank you.  Tin and Tristan and Nicole and Jackie Freeman of NRGE, Inc., thank you.

Catering to the serious USATF runners while offering outstanding amenity/entry  fee ratio for every single  participant.  Including the cat that  showed up with less than the entry  fee in his  pocket.

Putting up times that are meaningful in the bigger picture.  But only if the bigger picture is meaningful to you.  USATF Nebraska Association LDR program.  Thank you.

Two  Rivers State Recreation Area.  Park Ranger and long time buddy Mike Carrick, thank you and your staff.  Mike  was at the Team Nebraska  Road Race Management Committee meeting  in 2008 when I first pitched the idea of a “Two  Rivers Twosome”, the earliest incarnation of our Valentine’s  Day Runs.  Closed the roads in the park (What you  need is permits!), not a single angry driver throwing gravel, glare or shade.

Bakers.  Family Fare.  Sunrize Donuts.  Thank you.  West Omaha Cryotherapy.  Thank you.  Bar None Produce.  Thank us.

Nebraska Run Guru Events, LLC.  Real Runs put on by Real Runners.  For your own record books and the USATF Nebraska Association ledgers.

I encourage all other local and regional races to get their courses USATF  certified for their participants.  Give them  something to hang their hats on.