For you to register for the Nebraska Trail Run!

Thanks to our returning champs Kaci Lickteig and Patrcik Rizzo and our iron woman Bea Sides for the following reasons to get signed up.

From Kaci:
1. I enjoy running the Nebraska Trail Run because it brings both competition and a challenging course that you can’t find anywhere else in Nebraska.  The course makes you honest and humble in your abilities as a runner. It’s  a way to find out how tough you really are!
2. The Nebraska Trail Run offers multiple distances for beginners to experts. It is a way to explore the trails and see what they have to offer. It’s a great change from road running. Try it and you might just get hooked!
3. After you have finished you get to sit down and enjoy great food, drinks, and conversation while the unique awards are being presented. You get a lot of bang for your buck!
From Patrick:
1. It’s a perfect kickoff for spring…spring racing season that is!

2. Show those out of state competitors that Nebraska DOES have hills.

3. You feel like family when you run the Nebraska trail run. From the start line to the lunch (and beer!) at the state park.

From Bea:
1. Challenging


3. Great after party.