My old buddy/nemesis has been foisting late night visits again.  Insomnia.  When  the entire world spins in my head.  So many things to consider.  So many angles to ponder.  So  many words.  How do I calm, quiet, and clear a busy mind?

By going outside.  Outside my head.  Outside my house.  And listening to El Buho, el tecolete, The  Owl.  The Wise One.  His message requires my utmost attention, pushing aside all the clutter.  I listen.  Waiting patiently and quietly.  Sleep comes.

Our flock of chickens have never been happier.  Linda and I did a complete reno on the coop Monday.  All that good poop going out to the  garden, fresh hay and new nesting boxes installed.  Happy little cluckers they.  Getting close to my goal of 3 dozen/day from the 55.

I’m still keeping an eye on a couple of the rescue chickens we’ve accepted.  Not yet to adolescence, just on the cusp.  The coop has seen 3 previous birds meet a similar fate.    Our ladies have accepted there is only one, tis I.  You never know whether cock or hen.  Until that first crackling, like an 11 year old with his first hint of peach fuzz.

Knowing the stew pot is the next stop.  And still unable to refrain.

Cock must crow.

True to Nature.