The 2011 Fremont Turkey Trot.  I insisted on our athletes racing as a group.  And dominating.  How Team Nebraska was built.  Same modus operandi with Run Guru Elite!

Pictured:  Front row L-R:  Cory Logsdon, moi, Linda Kunasek, Matt Schneider
Second  row- Megan Schneider, Shane Kephart, David Adams, Carole Swanson, Lee Anderson, Justin Mollak, Jeff Nielsen
Third row- Kelly Crawford, Peter van der Westhuizen, Andrew Jacob.

These athletes are special to me.  All of them.  Willing to heed the clarion.  Shaping the competitive landscape that all our USATF clubs now enjoy.  Cory and Justin and Andrew still racing and well.  Kelly Crawford doing yeoman’s  work riding herd for the last 5 years now.

David and Peter.  Two sub 4 minute milers.  On the same club at the same time.  That they ran for me and the vision will always hold a very special place in my heart.