I hope you all wake up on your 60th  Birthday.  I feel blessed to have done so this morning.

When in my 20s I couldn’t fathom it.  In my 30s I  probably dreaded it.  In my 40s  I  finally accepted it.  In my 50s I happily anticipated it.  The more trips you make around the  sun the more you realize how fortunate you are.  A little bit of luck to be sure.  Running lifestyle contributing vigor and  gusto.

To reach a new age group is reward enough.  To enter it with 40 years of miles sugars it up nicely.  This old piece of flint still has plenty of  spark to give.  2017 will end up with more miles than my last 3 combined.  With all due respect to the ortho specialists, you were so wrong to tell me to stop doing something that I love.  An integral part of my very soul.  Thank you Kaci Lickteig for giving me (and Linda!) the courage to get back out on the roads.

I had planned on doing something running remarkable today.  In the fashion  of a couple of my old buddies (Ray Lapinski, Dave McGillivray) I had intended to put in 60 miles.  After doing 10 on Sunday and consulting with Ray yesterday I bagged that notion.  An easy run with my love will suffice.

So what have I learned, what can I pass on?  Most of my lessons have come the Hard Way.  Price of Hubris, cost of Impatience, debt of Certainty.  What would I tell my younger self?  Some of life’s most important lessons in no particular order:
1.  Slow down.  Good things come to those that wait.  I will forever struggle  with this one.
2.  Be nicer to all people.  They have their story too.
3.  Stick to your principles, be your own guiding light.
4.  Sometimes its better to be wrong, even if you’re right.
5.  Better a leader than a follower, Tough Row as it is.
6.  Each Day, Every Run is a Gift.
7.  Love  is out there.  Real Love.  Linda.
8.  You can’t and shouldn’t try to please everyone.
9.  Be Passionate.  If its worth it you’ll have to fight for it.
10.  Be Thankful for what you have.

I’ve never been happier in my life.  Thanks to Linda.  I love and appreciate this woman more than I ever thought could be possible.  Looking forward to the next 40!