A lot of  people, a bunch of you in fact, have been out to the Bar None.  I’ve been nothing but an open book (mouth).   A frequent visitor is Tristan Nelson.  Fine young  man.  Ran for DC West, the last of Gib Hall’s boys, the team now a rising contender under coach Dan Maline.  Interesting side note, Dan is the sponsor of the DC West Robotics Club.  Took his team to China last year and won the World Championships.  Smart fella.  Put the Falcons on your early list of don’t be surprised for 2018.

Back to Tristan.  Just turned 20, the baby of our team.   Comes from fine local stock, the Platte and Elkhorn coursing through his veins.   Lists his occupation as Retired.  Enrolled in the Entrepreneur curriculum at Metro.  He’s got Big Visions for his  community.  His way.  Reminds me of someone.

I think Tristan has Potential.  I’ve coached him for a year now, on and off the road and track, about the road and track.

We share one of his visions.  Working together to get this just right.  I’m pretty excited and so is he.,-96.3383783,9659m/data=!3m1!1e3