I’ve been inspired by a few fellows. was one of the earliest.  Bill Shaw.  Ex-Marine, Oorah!  Hard nosed interviewer, introspective lifetime runner, weekly column in the Brazosport Facts.  Voice double for Billy Bob Thornton.  Into his 80s, gone 8 years now may he rest.  Muse and fictional President of WECRAWL, West End Closet Runner And Walker League.   The Original Chapel on the Blue Water Highway just outside Freeport, TX.  Easily moved to dark and anonymous Sunday mornings in the Lanoha’s parking lot.  The Right Running Reverend RunWriter still posting celestial miles.

Jonathan Beverly I think should be on every runner’s shortest list.  Running Times, Oh How We Miss You.  Fortunately Jonathan has not slowed down his pen.  Imperial Nebraska giving unique perspective.  Proud to call him one of our own.

John L. Parker Jr.  “Once A Runner”.  The epitome, the classic.  Must reading.  I have close tales of John as you may suppose.  Adult stories involving motorcycles and fast men and fast women and gurus, soft carriage trails and two a days around Mt. Desert Island and the Acadia National Park, Oh  My!

Jim Gerweck.  A Connecticut Yankee holding his own court.  Not afraid to put his words where his mouth is.  Frequent contributor to numerous magazines online and in print.  Nationally  respected as a course measurer and race administrator and friend of U.S. Distance Running.   We’ve raised pints from Honolulu to New York City.

A run writer I miss locally is John Fey.  He knows the sport well and always had a good  turn with words when he could squeeze a few picas out of the Omaha World Herald.  He fought the good  fight for many years, buy him a cup of joe!

I encourage more running writers, er bloggers.   A good local one I’ve been reading is Chris McBratney over at  Good sense of humor, light and entertaining fare.

I started a journal when not quite 20, have been writing over 40 years.  In the beginning rough and unpolished, in sync with my running.  Now contemplative and reflective, mirroring this morning’s pedestrian paces.