Prompt.  Triple entendre and I like it.  Prompt means punctual.  Prompt means quick.  Prompt means spur to action.  2018, so far a year of promptly prompted.  Quickly motivated.  What prompts my promptness?   What drives me now?

What pushes me back up on the stump?

Ruffles.  Triple entendre and I love it.  Ruffle means to muss someone’s hair.  Ruffle means a bird raising its feathers in display.  Ruffle means disturb the smoothness or tranquility of.

What prompts my ruffles?

Seizing today’s opportunities and trying to fit them into my Grand Design.   I’ve been writing some iteration of this blog for 15 years.  Have explicitly defined that design.  Expectations born of a life’s experience in our sport.  The drive to keep my values and principles, defining my work and final coda.  My Life.  My Passion.  My Vision.