For every person that has been too short, too bald, teeth not perfect.  For every dreamer that has ever tilted at a windmill.  For every voice that needs be heard.  For everyone that dares to jump in the game.

I’m not tapping.

Looking back over six decades one thing stands out among those I respect the most.  The Principled.  Those that refuse to back down.  Even with a 600 pound monkey drooling down their neck.  The Bigger the Battle, The Longer the Odds, The More Important.  All my heroes have maintained their principles, didn’t sell out.  Could not be bought.  Could not be silenced.

I’m not tapping.

Those that have written their own chapters of history.  Guided by some deep passion that keeps them going despite every opportunity to throw in the towel.

2012 would have been an easy year for me to walk away.  Team Nebraska swept away in a swirl of chicanery and double speak.   Ten years of hard work and excellence pulled out from under, naivete leaving me wondering by who’s hands.

2017 would have been an easy year for me to walk away.   Losing Lincoln Marathon sponsorship for Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Because of this blog.  Because of my insistence that our USATF Clubs support our Nebraska Association LDR Program.  Because of my  pointing out when they don’t.   Hands revealed.

2018 would be an easy year for me to walk away.  My Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc. athletes not being offered elite entry into the Lincoln Marathon and Half.  Denying the opportunity for both our runners and those that would be pulled to better performances by racing them.  All the athletes paying a price, something that pierces me personally and painfully.  And steels my resolve.

I’m not tapping.

The USATF Nebraska Association LDR Program.  It is bigger than a single race.  Even a that race “owns” two of our USATF clubs.   My heroes have stood up to more than me.  And inspired me.

I’m not tapping.

There are  young men and young women out there somewhere reading this blog.  I hope I give them the courage to fight for their convictions.

Grant Wintheiser.   His performances over the last two years becoming Nebraska racing lore.  The fastest 10 mile and half marathon by any Nebraska runner in nearly 20 years.