The idea was floated earlier this year to revive the Bar None Beer Mile.  Linda and I decided to throw it together yesterday.  A good group of suds loving runners toed the line and anxiously awaited the shotgun start.  Seventeen minutes later all were in and for the first time in the history of  the event, no chunks blown, no heaving, no barfing, no technicolor yawns, no driving the porcelain bus.  The bucket named in honor of Jimmie “Lucky” Doherty  dry as a bone.

Many were called, few answered the call.

The race is run on my USATF “Bar None Calibration Course” quarter mile.  Shotgun start.  #tradition

Club 402 had a robust representation. Jake Muller proved the adage that the Beer Mile is a great equalizer. First down the gullet, first down the road.

Tim Fry (L) and Mike Bickley chug a lug as Robert Borer  comes to the half way point.

Mike Reilly ran a Beer Mile personal best sporting his plaid kilt.

The fellas went back to run in women’s champ Brandy Sampson.

Winner of the coveted “Bar None Stein”, Brandy adds her name to a rarefied list.

Tim Fry accepting his Stein.  Bar None Beer Mile hosted by Bar None Produce.  Linda and I cooked up enough good grub to send everyone home well fed, and sober.

  1.  Tim Fry          8:54
  2. Robert Borer 9:10
  3. Mike Reilly    9:19
  4. Mike Bickley  12:20
  5. Jake Muller    12:43
  6. Blaine Schmidt  12:47
  7. Kelly Perry          12:48
  8. Jimmie Doherty 16:59
  9. Brandy Sampson  18:20
    Jill Taylor- DNF