One will be born.  A youth, clean, pure, unsullied by common labor.  His Destiny Bestowed.

Such arrived on the front porch of the Bar None three years ago.  A student.  A Protégé.  A young Guru.  Taking his lessons.  Training mind and body.  Embracing Duty and Vision.

The World moves.  And moves on.  The Real Running Spirit will never die, rather passing to the Deserving One.  

Youth.  The World belongs to them.

The greatest lesson the master passes is the Certainty of Transition.  The Student must pass all worldly knowledge to his own charge.

At 60 years old I am at that point of tutoring mine.   40 years experience to pass to my eager and willing pupil.

The  Future.  Built upon the Past.

I’ve spent almost 20 years in the Omaha Metro.  Have committed myself to the running community  with a wide swath of excellence, potential realized, and individual success.  As an athlete.  As an administrator.  As an advocate.  As a Dreamer.  As a Teacher.

Knowing when to hand over the reigns is the surest indication of a worthy teacher.  My Hubris, while seemingly inestimable, steps back when considering the Good of the Community.  I’ve found my young Buddha and am passing a life’s work to him.  And He is Worthy.

And you will know him by his headband.  The Chosen One.