I’m proud to see the Omaha running community stand up to piss poor race management.  Last weekend’s HITS Marathon seemingly did more for the cause than I’ve done complaining for the last 17 years.   Omaha, and perhaps all Nebraska, has had enough.   If you’ve an additional moment, you can read the  full list of rants here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/79645897889/

My clif notes:
1.  No official  results posted now 72 hours post race.  Say  what?
2.  Every runner received the  same  medal and same t-shirt.  In my humble opinion you just don’t give a half marathoner a full marathon t-shirt or  medal.
3.  Disconnected race administrators.  A post out of  Saugerties, NY  indicating it was perfect weather for marathoning.  A vast expanse of miles separating runners and admins.
4.  Expectations are changing.  Runners  are understanding more than ever that “Because we’ve always done it that way” just doesn’t  cut it.  You either upgrade your product or risk  becoming a second tier event in Nebraska.

The Heartland Marathon is this coming Sunday.  I’ll bet they are paying close attention to last weekend’s HITS AND MISSES.