In the 1980s and 1990s The Marathon consumed me.  Sixteen to twenty four weeks of 26.2 mile blinders.  Doggedly purposeful, fraught with all manner of risk.  Balls to the wall training.  That’s how it was.

That’s how it still is.  You don’t register for a marathon on a whim.  You don’t line up untrained.  We all, every one, make that same commitment to the marathon when we sign up.  To tilt at that windmill.  To give it our best shot.

There is a sliding scale, a continuum if you will, regarding natural talent in the marathon.  Ranging from just barely able to effortless.  The real beauty of our sport there.

You don’t have to be world class to have a world class marathon experience.  You just have to train up and run it.  In your own measure.  Acquit yourself with bravery and accomplishment!

The Valley 7 Lakes Marathon is offering you that.  Nebraska’s Only Completely Closed Road Marathon.  Offering all runners the opportunity to run to their potential.  The most beautiful marathon in the area.  Touring the seven deep water lakes.  Flat.  Fast.  Something new.  You deserve this.  Its Your Marathon.

World Class Race, small town charm!