For those that believe you are restricted in any way.  There  is a way.  I received some push back yesterday from a Lincoln Marathon runner.  His position was “Lincoln’s Marathon has only 2 miles worth of sidewalk bc they won’t allow running on the Hwy for safety reasons. 2 miles is not considered much considering the race is 26.2 miles long.”

If you feel that you must run on a sidewalk you have been hoodwinked.  There are protocols by which marathons can close roads.  Even a state highway.

They do it in Chicago.  They do it in New York.  They do it in Boston and Houston and Denver and Kansas City and Minneapolis.  And in Valley, Nebraska. We have followed the described protocols and have closed a state highway. So there’s that.

Months and months of work to be sure.  Getting complete buy in from the community, the county, the state.  In your major metropolitan cities.  And in small towns and everywhere in between.  Laws are laws and apply to us all.

The effort is worth it.  Because Real Road Races must be held on a road to be a true road race.  All of it.  Call me old fashioned.  Call me worse.  Call me right.