Nothing new under the sun?  Don’t bet on it.  Another corruption of my beloved sport has taken a technological twist and I don’t like it at all.    I believe that human performance should be limited to the body given.   Make the very most out of what you were born with.  Good Clean Living and Racing.

So what the heck are the Nike Vaporfly and Hoka Carbon Rocket?  Two shoes engineered with carbon plates that apparently deliver on the promise to capture and utilize return energy from every foot strike.  Making you faster without really trying.  Take a look at the photos from our USA Marathon Championships and you’ll find fully 50% of the field springing down the  road.  One runner summed it thusly:  “Why would  you put yourself at a disadvantage by not wearing them?”

Does anyone else see this slippery slope?   Eulid Kipchoge’s eye popping 2:01:39 at this year’s Berlin Marathon was largely in part to the Vaporfly.  Will that ride become de rigueur, at least until the next engineering breakthrough?

I’ve got another suggestion.  Get out and train.  Quit relying on ergogenic aids.  Put in the  work necessary to run to your potential, without relying on gimmicky shoes.

Tomorrow I’ll do a feature on my favorite race for our USATF  Clubs.  Club Cross National  Championships in Spokane!