Andy Palmer gave sound running advice.  Phd in Sports Psychology.  2:16 marathoner.  In the early 80s he trekked across the United States, from Seattle to Boston, and pitched camp on the front stoop of Bill Rodger’s Running Store.  So he  could train with the  very best runners of his day.  He wasn’t the only intrepid athlete in the 80s, just the one that had the biggest impact on my coaching philosophy.

“The Mind is the Athlete.”  The single most important running truism.
“There is Always Someone Faster.”  The second most.
“You’re hardest miles will be your slowest.”  Are you disciplined in your training?

Messages absorbed during the Maine Running Camp in 1994.  Running two a days on the soft carriage trails of Acadia National Park.

As you train up for your spring marathon I invite you to think about Andy’s messages.  Keep inside your own head.  Don’t measure yourself against  others.  Don’t outrun your goals before you get to the start line.

Happy Monday.