Well done lads, well done!

Sam and Jackson Runde worked hard and come home rewarded with a host of personal bests and some very good racing experience.

Jackson, competing as a ten year old ran 5:43 for the 1500, personal best!  In the 800 he was boxed hard and tangled with 200 to go but still managed a 2:50, a couple of ticks off his previous best.

Sam pr’d across the board.  And found his distance.  800 meters in 2:16, did not advance to the finals (top 8).   1500 in 4:37 to finish 24th.  And the 3000, the sweet spot for this young distance ace, a :20 personal best 9:44 to finish third overall!  His first words after crossing the finish line, “The deepest, darkest place I’ve ever been.”

Bottle that.  Sprinkle liberally around Nebraska.  And watch us grow!

I rode lead bike for the 4th annual Team UP For Teammates.  Well supported by Race Director Kray Zeller’s NRGE mates.  Colin Morrissey led Cory Logsdon by a step or a half for all but the very last instant of the race.  I urged a real battle, the Team Nebraska mates had a different tack, agreeing to run a tie and split the prize money.  I hustled to the finish line, drew my skilled and trained eye* in a straight line across the finish and declared Cory the winner by the slimmest of margins.  I didn’t stick around for the awards, not sure how it was officially scored.

*I once was charged with determining the winner of our USA Women’s 5K National Championships in Albany, NY.  Given explicit instructions to not watch the oncoming runners but rather keep my eye steady across the line.  The closest finish in the history of the race and I called it.

The Lake Wehrspann