It wasn’t supposed to be this way.   Of our two cats King was the burly brother, always protecting fragile little sister Natalie.  Slayer of voles, moles, rabbits, squirrels, every feathered creature excepting even the tiniest of our annual order of chicks.  Bold, pushing up to more than brushing up against, loud motor insisting on attention.  The real boss of the Bar None, even taming Desi to the point that they were best friends.

“El Rey”, the best gato ever.  We buried him this  morning, almost certainly the  victim of some type of poisoning.  Only 8 days before our move, poignant and sad.  Tender little Natalie will miss you terribly, Linda and I equally so,  Desi whining for you at this morning’s gate.

Life on the farm.  Sometimes it is just heartbreaking.