This episode (or episodes, depends on how deep into the manure you want to jump) from the USA Indoor National Championships is sending turbulence from Albuquerque all the way to Indianapolis and beyond.  USATF reinstated Double G, bowing to unprecedented pressure.  And only look all the more foolish for not doing the Right Thing immediately.  My new favorite facebook page: “Im tired of USATF and IAAF crippling our sport” at

I “complained” last week about a lack of transparency in our own association, the fall xc championships being awarded without notification or bid process to the membership or potential race directors.  I’m cool for now with how things transpired even if the shady nature leaves a foul tinge.  If it really is best for the athletes.  Only time will tell and I’m practicing patience this year.  Not one of my strongest suits.

I can’t stay in an insulated bubble of apathy, easy,  lazy way.  Buddha knows there are enough people to stand idly by, I hear Rome is burning, oh my.  Someone has to be that lightning to flash brilliance on the lethargic, reluctant and unconcerned.  Illumination with a few singes as tribute.  I’ve taken that position and ran with it for the last 30 years.

I had it all with Team Nebraska.

And then I really had enough.    The attorneys, the posers, the ungrateful, yeah, I had enough of those.  My heart always was and always will be with the Real athletes.  If you ran for me, Really ran for me, I was always there for you.  If you were there for yourself, for the esteem and respect bestowed by the kit, without feeling compelled to contribute everything and more in return, smiling sycophants, well it was my fault for putting you on the club.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

I have nothing with Nebraska Run Guru Elite.

I did bring the FIVE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS to the NRGE leadership though.  These have been turned over to Kyle and Pete and Jerrod, these young lads that choose to Really run for me. You can’t imagine what an honor it is for me to have these and the rest of the NRGE cats have my name on their kits.
Thing one:   Always and without exception or excuse  be proud to wear your uniform.
Thing two:  Be In It To Win It.  We are a competitive club first, last, and always.
Thing three:  Be courteous and social when necessary but be yourself first and foremost.
Thing four:  Be cognizant and respectful towards the history of our sport.
Thing five: Damn the apathy!  We’re not here to make you comfortable or in any other way for your convenience, rather to wake your inner competitiveness, if you have any.  If so, bring it on, if not, get the hell out of the way.

I went from having it all (West O is Best O) to having nothing O.  Linda’s  window was dressed better than mine but was still a facade.  She, like me, could no longer square her heart to her situation.  She too realized nothing is sometimes better than everything.  Funny thing along the way is that we’ve found nothing is far better than everything.  1250 square feet instead of 3500.   King sized bed replaced with a full.  Imaginative leftovers instead of king crab.  Friday night at the Waterloo VFD fundraiser instead of V Mertz the highlight of our social calendar.  Budgeting for groceries and utilities and daily necessities.   Scrimping and saving for the unexpected, at least for now.  Worrying about health care.  Planning for as high a degree of self sufficiency as we can.  As a bonus, finding out who our Real Friends were all along.  As well as those now absent, that pretended for their own agendas- that lesson alone priceless, something about good and bad and riddance and rubbish.

And caring not.  For there is love like we’ve never had.  Nothing far better than everything? See us smile, ask us how and why.