I’ve summed up my feelings about the Boston Marathon.  Made it pretty clear that unless you are out there giving at least 100%, intending to run the very best Race of your life, I can’t imagine why you would waste your time.  And not just the Boston Marathon.  Any and Every Marathon, if it is worth running, is worth your Very Best Effort.  I don’t give out hugs for crossing the finish line.  No pats on the back for just starting.  I saw this ridiculous post on facebook,  “A winner is anyone that finishes the race!”  No! NO! NOOOO!  That in a nutshell sums up the last eighteen months.  Flowery, sugary, saccharin coated praise for simply putting one foot in front of the other, for however long it might take, isn’t my style.

There were only two winners on Monday.  There were however 12 American women under the Olympic Trials A Standard.  A handful of fellas too.  They all must be feeling a sense of accomplishment but I’ll bet you every single one is pissed that they didn’t catch the person ahead of them.

Congratulations to newly minted master Michael Wardian (2:23:32) on his 3rd place 40+ finish.  You think he didn’t want 2nd?  And an amazing race by my old buddy Joan Benoit Samuelson, her 2:52:10 at age 56 is the stuff her legend is made of.  You think she is just a little ticked she didn’t break 2:52?

See, that is one of the things that sets apart Real Racers.  Never satisfied.  Not willing to accept accolades for accolades sake alone.  Not just content to cross a finish line.  Not happy for the person that just kicked their butt.  Not assuaged by a Rockstar Whoop Whoop.  Get it?

Either you do or you don’t.