Which way do you like it?
Linda and I lasted only two nights on the beauty rest.  Downy, cushy, fluffy, pillowy, luxuriant.  Couldn’t wait to get back to our firm, firmer, firmest in the  rpod.   Six and one half years busting our butts at the Bar None imbuing an ability and preference for the stotan lifestyle.

My way is the hard way, I  feel blessed every moment of every day that Linda has embraced and accepted this about me.  Even as she ameliorates the roughest edges.

The easy way to go through life is to go with the flow.  Do what you’re told.  Accept the status quo.  Be compliant.  Be soft. Get along or move along.  I’ll always be a mover if getting along sacrifices my core principles.   I’ve moved a lot over the last 7 years.   I don’t agree with the status quo and am set on providing a better option.   Huevos Mas Grande vs. Silky Shaven Legs.  

Look at Valley 7 Lakes.   ” America’s Marathon”, “Flattest Closed Road Marathon in the World”.   And the Nebraska Trail Run, “8th Most Challenging Trail Run in the United States.”   Not hyperbole or garrulous banter.  Cold Facts vs. Hot Takes.  

Which way do you like it?   Are you Hard or Soft?

Percy Cerutty leads a group of Hawthorn players and Club President Phil Ryan (3rd from right) over the sand dunes, Jan 11th, 1968.