I snapped the laptop shut as soon as Linda rounded the corner.  Felt my ears get warm and my cheeks flush with embarrassment.

“But honey, the curves were just too tempting!”  “I was just exploring!”  “I saw a sweet little number that we could both enjoy!”

She doesn’t mind when we look at it together.  Insists on it in fact.  But I just can’t help  sneak a peek when she steps out of the room.  The thrill of getting caught only  heightening the experience, elevating the rush.

Trulia, you little temptress!  Missoula, Durango, Bend, Ashville.  I’ll be 60 in 6 months and 2 days.   And while I don’t plan on going anywhere soon, I  admit that we’ve been looking at our favorite parts of the Estados Unidos.

Not wander lust.   Shaping where and what our next and last digs will look like.  Acreage.  Mountain views.  Log home.  Banana Belt.