In 2010 I saw this hep cat strolling down Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach.  I had just left the Edgar Cayce Institute and was driving the 5 miles back to the USATF Annual Meetings.  I knew he was headed to where I had just departed, call it a hunch.  On the flight back to Omaha I overheard a dude talking Coaching Education, deeply.  Sitting right across from me was the same hep cat.  We ended up with a brief if memorable bonding experience, holding hands in a prayer circle and what I took away was this: “Nyom-Myoho-Renge-Kyo”, the universal chant for enlightenment.  And the notion that if I were to ever take a coaches education class it would be with this metaphysical brother of mine.

Fast forward to Friday evening and the first session of the USATF Coaches Clinic at Omaha Central. During introductions I had an uncanny sense that I knew the dude directing the program, Dr. Matt Lydum, from another place and time.  When the discussion finally turned to proprioceptors he questioned the gathering of 37 dedicated individuals, “How many senses do we have?”  While most chimed in with 5, a couple came in with 6, and I waited for the shoe to drop.  Dr. Lydum insisted that new research is finding that there are 7 or 8 or maybe more “senses”.  In that instant I knew this was one and the same guy that I had met, and had made such an impression on me 4 years ago.  Raised my hand and asked if Deja Vu would be considered as “intuition”, and then told the tale that jogged his memory and then a broad grin.

I’ll be writing a lot about what was learned from last weekend’s  21 hours of classroom instruction.  The take away this morning is that the Right People always seem to come in to our lives at the Right Time.  We shook hands after yesterday’s closing remarks, looked into each others portals, and both gave an acknowledging smile and nod that our paths would cross again.  Meant to be.

Dr. Matt Lydum, in my opinion, is a Great Man.  He has merged the metaphysical with the science of our sport and has become one of the Great Teachers.    A Real Guru, he is able to convey his message in terms we can all understand.  How else could he have had 37 bodies levitating in a classroom at Omaha Central?  Laugh if you will, not a person there doubted what happened.

And for that, Kyle Clouston and I come away Better Coaches.

Congratulations to my old buddy Mike Aish on his 2nd Overall (and 3rd fastest time in history of the event) at the Leadville 100 this past weekend.  Yes, it is possible to RACE a 100 miler, not everyone simply crawls to the finish.  Some of us still CELEBRATE EXCELLENCE.

Congratulations too to our Ashley Schurman on her 7 minute personal best at the Leading Ladies Marathon.  Her 3:12:16 was good enough for 3rd Overall,  I’ve added her to the list of NRGE women that will soon be dipping under 180 minutes for the marathon.  Mark my words, we’ll have more sub 3 women than any team in Nebraska by 2015.  That’s how it will roll.

Jimmie Doherty (4:58) finished 10th at the venerable if uncertified Arrows to Aerospace Mile. Long list of historical performances on a course that I would gladly certify for free, hint, hint, hint.  Pedestrian times up front considering all last week’s windbagging and the fact it is  downhill, just saying.


Dr. Matt Lydum & I have both tread the stones at Edgar Cayce’s Labyrinth.  Contemplation, meditation, metaphor for life, all revealed from within.  If only you see.