Twenty two miles on the bike this morning, rode out to Parque Estado Dos Rios, the park has a whole different perspective when you’re on wheels.  Same with the dojo yesterday, viewing from the water side, paddling peacefully and seeing things I’ve never seen before.  Metaphor for what I’m seeing happening running wise here in the Omaha Metro.  I hardly recognize the local running scene compared to just a couple of years ago.   Its no longer just me railing against the status quo, there has been development and I sense the awakening of an entire community.  That should benefit everyone, from first to last, road to trails, track to triathlon.

We’ve got registration up for the Swamp Stomp 8K Trail Run and Cajun Festival (Oct. 20),, note that we have added a Gumbo 2 Mile for those that would like to come out and enjoy the park but are a little timid about the 8K distance.  Little Gator Gallops of 40yd Diaper Dash, 400 meter and 800 meters for the kiddos.  The 8K will be a perfect tune up for the GOATZ 5 Mile, 10.5, 21 and 50K Trail Runs scheduled for October 28th.

Also up is the Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Trail of Terrors 5K and Monster Dash Mile (Oct. 27),, the Mile has been added this year and opens the event up to the entire family.  Little Goblins Run of 40 yard Diaper Dash, 400 meter and 800 meters again offered for the youngsters.

You’ll see that our events have changed perspective somewhat as we emphasize participation for the entire running community, while of course still keeping Real Competition up front.  We are making every effort to show the entire family some Fun Fall Fitness.  We are also hoping to capitalize on the recent popularity of Trail Running, while we haven’t previously described our runs as such, they certainly are run on trails and will be marketed that way moving forward.

Looking forward to seeing you on the roads, track and trails and hoping you’ll give us a look with a fresh perspective as well.