We’ve got the chickens and ducks in their new digs.  Their rightful place in the barn, away from the workaday activities at the Big House.  I’m sure the neighbors are getting a kick out of my herding them back to the coop, red towel in hand, waving and cajoling my fine feathered friends.  Ole!

The Illinois Marathon is this weekend.  Champaign is my childhood stomping grounds and this race remains on my list of destination events.  But not this year.

Heard from my old buddy Luka Thor recently.  He’s running the USA 25K Champs in Grand Rapids on May 10.    Will also try (ha!) and defend his title at the Berkshire Hathway Invest in Yourself 5K next weekend.

Some big news upcoming on the Freedom Half Marathon.  Mark your calendars for the first weekend in September.  Flat, fast, prize purse, and some of the best down home hospitality anywhere!

Also some big news brewing about a Regional Series of Women’s only 5K Races.  Prize money only exceeded by the level of competition.

And why not?