Civil Liberty.  Free Speech.

Disparaging names.  Ridicule.  Insults towards those that choose to wear a mask.  Where is the compassion and understanding?

Look, I’m approaching 63, still a couple of years away from being “at risk.”  My diet consists largely of my own chemical free produce.  Linda and I exercise daily.  Work outside every day.  We’re both fit as proverbial fiddles.  I’m not worried about Linda or myself.  Sometimes its not about me, sometimes its not about you.

Linda’s daughter Anna was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma several weeks ago.  Her twin brothers are both kidney transplants.  One brother’s partner on hospice with stage 4 esophageal cancer.  The least fit, the sickest, the highest risk.

Four immediate family.  We still want to see them, are not ready to throw them under the bus because they are “weak.”

Some laugh and make jokes, even try and politicize our consideration.  No tolerance for differing opinions, extenuating circumstances be damned.

Civil Liberty.  Free Speech.