Sombrero is tilting towards our youth this morning.  But first!

My dear sweet Linda knows a thing or two about the Nebraska State T&F Meet.  If I celebrate these kids every year, their dedication and work and commitment, their memories, Linda relives it.  She was a 4 time qualifier in the 200 and nearly as many in the 400 as well as relays.  At Burke, Class A.  Four times.  Pure speed.  She was also a two time state qualifier in gymnastics in the floor and all around.

The Kunasek tree still fruiting with nephew Noah qualifying for state, as a sophomore at Burke, Class A, in the 110 meter high hurdles, I think you’ll be able to pick him out.  The Flying Bohunk.

I had to let the old cowboy hat out a couple sizes last Friday.   This is my 4th summer to work with Sam and Jackson Runde, nurturing their  development while encouraging them to explore baseball and basketball and golf and wrestling and every other sport to ensure well rounded individuals and athletes.

Sam has left me beaming bright.  He took the 8th grade All City titles in the 1600 and the 800 en route to setting new Beveridge Middle School records in both, 4:46 and a neat 2:12.  Sam was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for us.

Will: Were you more satisfied or surprised with your races?

Sam:  Coming in to the day I definitely thought it was gonna be a challenge.  I  thought I could get the school  record in the mile with some pain but I wasn’t too sure about the 800.  Once I had the mile under my belt I wasn’t too interested in going off in the  800 but I did anyways.  I thought well, the record is 2:14, if I run 33 second 200s that’ll put me at 2:12 so I’ll try  that.  And after I did it I was shocked and very satisfied with my two records.

Will: These are some pretty salty times as you complete your middle school career.  Are you headed to Burke this fall?

Sam:  Yeah, I’m for sure planning on going to Burke to run cross in the fall and track in the spring.

Will: Will you have a favorite distance?

Sam: I think my main focus in track is going to be the longest event which is the 2 mile.  I believe I’ll be most successful in that race.  I’ll plan on running the mile and maybe a relay.

Will: Giddyup!