Slowly tinkering with the amazing power of web hosting.  Learning some of the most basic strokes. What I’m finding out is that it isn’t bells or whistles or sheer volume that makes a good website.  I’m setting up shop with Lean and Clean being my mantra.  Keep the content sharply pointed, every effort made to never misspell a word.

I did try to add a background photo, one of Linda & I in front of a waterfall near Grand Marais, MN.  It came out much differently than I anticipated but I like the look.  Subtly letting you know that I’m keeping a keen eye on your shenanigans and am now free to enjoy to the fullest.

Over on Team Nebraska I wrote today about lampooning some locals with suggested bib names for the Lincoln Marathon.  So in the spirit of I can write whatever the hell I want to, hear goes….

OCTOTOM- Tom Whitaker for his 8 hour marathon.

TWELVEINCHES- Linda Kunasek because she’s running on one foot.

UPSGUY- Ron Lampe because he works there.

GEEZER- John Tully, Founding Member of Friday mornings

BLISTERS- Steve Stender because he will run the half barefoot

LDRCHAIR- Matt Pohren because he is

4HOURS- Adama Anderson because that’s his goal

SUB227- Cory Logsdon because that’s his goal

PISTOL- Bob Miyake because he can do them with either leg

REALGOAT- Ivan Marsh because he is


My aim is true.