Happy Birthday!  From an outsiders view it looks like it was a wild party last night.  Got to give it up to Scott Giddings.  His group the “Goatz”  celebrated 1 year in the Omaha running community and I’m seeing something positive and good afoot, cloven though it may be.

Scott has pulled together a bunch of runners/walkers/fans and turned it into something special for themselves.  They motivate each other to run 100 miles.  Or 50 miles.  Or 50K.  Or maybe even encouraging that first step to becoming an athlete.  And they specialize in trail running.

And  while I’m not part of the group and will not likely be receiving any invitations to join soon, I do raise a pint to what Scott has created.  And I extend an invitation for all Goatz to come out and experience the Ni-Bthaska-Ke Trail Run.  The Metro’s oldest trail run is looking forward to showing you a first class experience!

Part of the overall “running boom” in Nebraska, good to see what has sprouted over the last 5 years.

Bernard Lagat is the American Record Holder in the 1500m, Mile, 2 mile, and 5000m indoors, as well as the 1500m, 3000m, and 5000m outdoors,  On March 17 Bernie will make his half marathon debut at the NYC Half.  I’ve sent in my request for press credentials to ride on the lead vehicle.

Best news of the day?  Linda getting the blessings of Dr. Grier to cast away the crutches and begin utilizing the walking boot.  A month in that then transition to shoes.  Won’t be long and she’ll be kicking your butt in the 5K.

Today’s quiz:

Name the three athletes pictured with me.  Hint- The brunette’s marathon pr is 2:31:48.  The blonde on the right has a personal best of 2:32:55.  The blonde in the middle is a past USA 20K National Champion and 2010 RRCA Roads Scholar.



Another hint- This picture was taken at the 2008 World Half Marathon Championships in Rio de Janeiro.  I was privileged to be the USA Team Leader for the event.  Trip of a lifetime.