Late January 2016.  Man you can’t even know how long I’ve been waiting for this week.  Been talking about it for the last two years, champing at the bit and all that.  What’s got me all lathered?

Stacy Mangers Shaw turned 50 a few days ago.  Stay tuned as she re-writes the 50+ female USATF Nebraska Association records.  Stacy is the two time defending masters Grand Prix Champion for our association, a testament to her talent and toughness as she’s battled athletes 10 years her junior.  Don’t look for anything to change other than the page on the day calendar.

Stacy is considering several USATF National Championships, there are actually a couple of masters records I believe are within her realm.  But first, some unfinished business in April on Boylston Street.

Think about this, Stacy, Linda, and Roxi are all 50+ now.  I’m saying the top 3 such athletes at the half marathon in the Midwest.  To quote my dear departed mom, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it”.

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