I’m a technical dinosaur.  Had to take the battery out of my cell phone yesterday and when I put it back in the picture of the mates from 10 days ago finally arrived in my inbox.  What?

I dig this pic because it says so much about Team Nebraska.   Left to Right, back row:  A teacher (Matt Pohren), UNMC Med student and Duke grad (Natalie Como), a banker ( Cory Logsdon), a radiologist ( Cheto Cerda), a post grad exercise phys (York Thomas), a personal trainer (Lee Anderson), assistant engineer (Shain Kephart), business exec (David Bohlken), independent business owner (Jimmy Doherty), nursing students (Luka Thor & Matt Schneider).
Kneeling: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology student at UNO (Megan Zavorka), Med Student UNMC (Suzanne Higgins), unemployed Run Guru (me), unemployed Guru Protege (Linda), Spanish Teacher (Meghan Schneider), and pharmacy student Creighton (Carolyn Meyer).

One and all- Fit as Fiddles.  Somehow managing to combine Very Busy real lives with a passion for Real Training and Real Racing.  No fences, no excuses.  Working or studying or taking care of the kiddos for as many hours as necessary and then still Making time to get out there and do the work necessary to be on Team Nebraska.  As my biological family continues to grow and go their own directions, I’ve got these fine young individuals to keep me grounded and motivated and inspired and busy and feeling like the luckiest guy in Omaha.