I like to say that I’ve got race t-shirts older than most of you.  As I celebrate my 57th trip around the sun I realize that I’m probably older than most of your parents too.

What does that bring or mean?  It brings wisdom, filtered through my own life experiences.  It means that I’ve earned my opinions, hardened by years of struggles, honed by my own personal values.

Age entitles observation and comment on the world.  Same goes for everyone, not just me.  Its called respect.

The running day that was.  The Fremont Turkey Trot was yesterday.  Used to be a very deep and competitive race, now its Luka Thor and no more.  Feast and Feathers half marathon was yesterday, third annual and they’re still trying to figure out how to put this one on, runners getting lost on the course, still no results available, and the people love it.  The Joslyn Castle Turkey Trot was yesterday, again no results available.  Omaha Running Club had 200 turn out for their annual and free fun run.

And finally, so glad that I have Linda now.  My life is happier, more loving, sharing, hopeful and fun than ever.  Blessed to have her.

So raise a pint with me tonight.  A toast to free thinking, free ranging, free wheeling, free loving, free speech, and free to be me.