Granting you that n=1 is no more, no less, than that.  Sample of one.  No  scientific method, no double blind studies, a one off in every sense.  Singularity.  A blog.

The tension existing between the lines.  Two Ways.  Depends on whom you are and how you read it.  Juxtaposition.  Dichotomy.  Duality.  A blog.

The thread I weave throughout it all?  Truth.  Courage of Conviction.  Words from the heart.  Passion.  A blog.

I’m occasionally flattered by readers, aw shucks.  Those that like  to check in on the daily muse and prose.  Words.   Putting them together in such a way as to realize the mission.  And often to provoke without direct provocation.  A blog.

Refining my craft every day.  Still so very much to say.  One person’s words.  Two ways.  A blog.