Only one other time do I remember waxing political here.  Got to say though, last night’s Republican debate, well that was something else.  I was tossing about the Atlantic Ocean on the USS Concord when I cast my first vote, 1976.  I’m old enough to have seen a lot, but you’ve never really seen it all.  What amazes me more than anything this Republican election cycle is the cartoonish, circus like nature of the process.  Issue anybody?  Somebody?

My old buddy Sri, one of the Three Original Upstream Wisemen (West O Tao), insists that 95% of the human population are fools to one degree or another,.  How else do you explain Trump atop the heap?

I moved to Nebraska 15 years ago, went to the DMV to get my car registered and myself licensed.  Part of the application asked whether I was Democrat or Republican.  A or B.  Which is it boy?  What’ll it be?  You Red?  You Blue?  Tell us, tell us now!  You want to drive don’t you?  I penciled in my own Independent Thinker box, they were not amused.  Neither was I.

Interested in a Hot Rod?  I’m putting my 1973 Olds Delta 88 Royale up for sale.  455 Rocket engine.  72K original miles.  Always garaged.  First $12,500 will be the envy of  the Husker tailgate crowd.

Training better be well on for everyone.  If March 1st rolls around you’re at least 4 weeks in.  We’ve had a couple of our “Debs” on the mend recently.  Jay Welp took a very nasty spill on the ice and is just returning to regular running.  Kevin Joerger nipped a stress reaction in the bud and is also back.  Still time for that, thanks  again to Stodden Physical Therapy.  One of our presenting sponsors,  he does what our mates need him to do and our mates do what he tells them to do.  Nice.

1973 Delta 88 Royale.  Almost entirely original, only 72K miles.  Full power (windows,  top).  After market 8 Track.  455 Rocket Engine.  Sweet.