Mike Mykytok (pen name Michael John) has bridged speed and fear.  We intersected originally back in the 90s.  1997 USA National Champion at 10K on the track , USA 10 Mile Road Champ. We’ve continued a ghastly friendship since.
Mike 10 mile washington D.C.

Mike running BIX 7 in 1999.  Finished 15th overall (34:29) and 2nd American to Rod Dehaven‘s 33:37 (8th overall).

It all began a dark and dreary January night following the 1999 Houston Marathon.  Mike had just ran 2:20:20 and had a hankering for his favoirte post race meals.  Brains.  Of the Dead.  The Walking Dead.  I knew just where to go.  The hidden and  unmarked blue door that only the cognesceti were aware of.  I’d been there a time or two with an old ghoul friend.  Marfreless.  If you lived in Houston and were in touch with the darker, seemier, sordid, slimier side, you knew this River Oaks haunt.  Tucked away under a stairwell, not 5 minutes from George Dubya‘s house, whoda thunk it?  We met my friend the human pin cushion and his wife for drinks.  Mike filled up on rotted grey matter while we discussed the vibrant undead community on the Bayou.

I reached out to Mike yesterday for a quick Halloween interview.

Will: Does it hurt more when the stake is going in or being pulled out?
Mike:  I would think the stake hurts worse going in. Adrenalin is rushing after that and shock.

Will:  How does it feel to unkill a man?
Mike:  Unkilling a man is something you are forced to do when backed into corners.  It’s a feeling of survival and relief that you are still alive.

Will: Have you ever been gnawed on?
Mike:  Year’s ago, I was gnawed on by a blue bird. I was concerned about that. I also had a blister so bad on my toe years ago that I nearly cut it off.

Will:  Where will the last safe place on Earth be?
Mike: Last safe place will be in one’s own home.  Fortify it and don’t let anyone know you are there.

Will: Trick or Treat?
Mike:  I will be giving treats out this year but if I get hungry, the lights will go out, the treats will be mine and the trick or treaters will get nothing.  Watching Halloween and The Fog tonight. Maybe Crawling Eye later on in the evening

Will: Any new books in the works?
Mike: . I’ve written six books altoghether.  My writing genre’s are sports with the occult.  One is a how to guide for beginners and one is a book of horrific poems. I’m currently working on the fifth installment of my running saga called The Quest for God. On the side, I’m working on a greek mythology epic about the end of the world entitlled Hell’s Revenge.  Also working on a running board game. Have base game idea, a seven mile run through the woods, expansion two, a trip to hell and expansion 3, the five mile run go grandma’s house, all with exiting event cards to help you along the way.

Faster and scarier than you.  Mike’s personal bests:
3000m  8:25.16 Dedham (USA)  27.06.2000
5000m  13:48.91 Brunswick (USA) 04.07.1998
10,000m  28:34.93 Indianapolis (USA) 13.06.1997
10 km Road 29:07 New Orleans (USA) 17.04.1999
15 km Road 45:08Jacksonville (USA) 10.03.2001
10 Miles Road 48:04Washington (USA) 08.04.2001
20 km Road 1:04:36 New Haven (USA) 03.09.2001
Half Marathon 1:05:01 Jacksonville (USA) 23.11.2000
25 km Road 1:17:52Grand Rapids (USA) 12.05.2001
Marathon 2:20:20 Houston (USA) 17.01.1999

To find out more about Mike’s “Special” take on athletics and horror visit his website: