• In 1992 my USATF course measurement sensei Tom McBrayer put an ad in the Houston Post “Free to a good home, 20 years of THE RUNNER, RUNNER’S WORLD” magazines.  I happily replied and spent the following weeks reading every edition.
  • In 2000 my Women’s LDR mentor asked if wanted her 20 year collection of TRACK STATS.  Yes I did, and again devoured each page with the greedy appetite of a true geek.
  • In 2002 I came into possession of a near complete collection (1960-1995) of TRACK AND FIELD NEWS.  With awe and amazement I poured over meet reports, road races, and athlete and coach interviews, absorbing facts and figures that soon set myself apart from the average fan of our sport.

Over the last 15 years I have amassed a library of rare and not so rare running and track related books, now numbering well over 100.

And now, at this point in my life I am seeking out another geek or guru to pass this knowledge to.  If you have an insatiable appetite for  our sport, would love to discover the origins of excellence in the 20th century, are interested in becoming a historian, or learning the secrets of the masters in coaching, both mental and physical aspects, I have a deal for you.   Be warned that you will become addicted and that the collection will give you an aura of authority that will be appreciated but not always well received.  You will be admired by some (true fans) and disparaged by others (you know who they are).  I’m not ready to part with the with the entirety, will likely retain my complete book collection and a few of my favorite T&F News covers, but it is time to pass the magazines along to the right person.  If you would like to be considered, please shoot me  an email at