From the Level 1 Coaching curriculum.

Ethical Behavior
“The coach, by the very nature of the position, becomes a role model for athletes and a representative of an entire profession and sport.  The coach’s behavior, dress, and relationships with others should be professional in nature.  Because of the coach’s position of authority and responsibility with athletes, the coach’s personal life should also be held to high standards.”

*Wish I would have taken this class 10 years ago.  I’m the Very First to admit that over the year’s I’ve exhibited behaviors that don’t fit the model.  For a long time I was easily baited, nay- toyed with, by skilled antagonists.  I apologize if my reactions were out of line with the above.   Another way to explain the early years is “What do you expect when you slap a bear in the face?”

The final sentence presents the slipperiest slope.  “A coach’s personal life……”  During my divorce and during Linda’s we were harassed, insulted, chased and cursed, and not by former spouses.  One (“My God Commands me to do so!”) made it Their Personal Business to involve in and make the already painful process worse.  Point being any zealot can pretend to judge and therefore you have to take the appropriate precautions.

I passed the Only Muster that Matters yesterday.  “Congratulations! Your background screening has been thoroughly reviewed and meets the qualification standards set by USA Track & Field.”

Thankfully, Angry Gods and USATF still allow people to find Love and Happiness.

And now,

The Energy Systems
The Energy Systems are responsible for providing an energy rich compound called ATP to fuel muscle work and recovery.  This ATP is produced from substrates such as fat and glycogen through various processes.  The effectiveness of the energy systems is possibly the greatest single factor in performance in the endurance events.

“Benefits of hard work can only be seen through the eyes of recovery.”  Perhaps one of the most profound statements of the weekend.

Safety in the Jumps
I had forgotten that there was a move a long time ago to reinvent the Long Jump by adding a front flip after take off.  It jogged my memory of seeing Bruce Jenner flip long before he went head over heals for that Kardashian lady.

The Throwing Events
“Weapons of War”.  All of the throwing implements have their origin in war.

Regenerative and Recuperative
Post work out prescription= Cool Down, Drink H2O, Stretch, Elevate, Electrolytes, Whirlpool for 7 minutes at 48 degrees.