Thank you to everyone for joining us this morning as we wrapped up our 2019 Winter Fitness Series.  We had some great stories come out of the series this year and we couldn’t be prouder of all of you!  Big tip of the sombrero to Mike and the staff at Two Rivers State Recreation Area and to Douglas County for coming out and putting sand down on our course this morning.  Looking forward to the 2020 Series!  And to seeing you at our 13th annual Nebraska Trail Run on April 6th https://www.active.com/omaha-ne/running/races/nebraska-trail-run-2019?int=

And  don’t forget our Valley 7 Lakes Marathon set for April 27th!

Halley’s Comet 10K official results

  1.  Craig Halverson                39:18
  2. Derek Dreier                       39:55
  3. Carla Park                            47:13
  4. Carissa Stout                      48:05
  5. Rick Shever                         56:37
  6. Crysta Chalupa                   57:02
  7. Scott McGaha                     1:03:58
  8. Brandon Wingett               1:06:35
  9. Scott Wilson                        1:07:18
  10. Mark Goodman                  1:16:07
  11. Malinda Barthell                 1:19:47