It all depends what you are in it for.  And only you can answer that.   Competition?  Development?  Friends?  What do you expect out of your running?  Why do you train?  Why do you race?

These athletes, my athletes, your athletes, if they are in it for development and competition deserve someone that will, as referenced here before, light their beards for  them.  It starts and ends with coaching.  I’m writing individualized programs for 8 athletes.  They  run for me.  But I don’t claim to be the only coach in the Midwest.  More than a few of  our  runners are being coached by others.   The Run Guru Elite interview  process includes a chapter on this.  A sound approach to training need not only come from me but you can bet your bottom that I’ll have some say in the approval  process.

It depends on those whats and whys.  What are your expectations for your own  running, your own racing, your mates, your coach, your club?  Are you being served?

The number one hard lesson I’ve learned over the last 30 years in the sport is to not want more for  someone than they want for themselves.  To not want more for a club than what the members settle for.  If you are satisfied and comfy and cozy good on you.  If you feel like there is more to you, more to the sport, then I suggest some deep soul searching.

This newest iteration, Run Guru Elite, is a refinement.  A recalibration.  A hearkening to my Original Vision of what Excellence in Athletics really means.  Its a Philosophy, consistent and unwavering, unflinching for over 20 years.

Our athletes have High Expectations.  And so do I.