You have our TNB VP to thank for my not posting the picture I wanted today.  I won the costume contest at the 2009 Halloween Party, went as a naughty French Maid, high heels and long red hair in case you need some mental imagery.  I should have won at last year’s party too (I went as Linda) but some cat that had the genetic good fortune of being born as a Tiger Woods lookalike came in wearing a Polo shirt and I was robbed.

Kelly Crawford did his 3 X 1 Mile this morning out at Parque Estado Dos Rios.  One of our favorite training grounds, I’ve got the 1.5 mile loop marked every 1/4 mile.  Pancake flat and fast when the wind isn’t howling.  He turned in 5:40, 5:34, 5:32.  Our USATF Club Cross Country Masters Team is looking strong.  Steve Stender will also being going to Seattle and may very well run the 10K course, barefoot of course. Kraig Vanderbeek and your Run Guru will round out the squad.

Back to the High Heels.  Kelly has one of the most natural high heel kicks you’ll likely see.  That is the first thing I look at with athletes, do they possess that natural stride that allows the heel to nearly graze the butt with every step.  A certain indicator to speed. Linda Barnhart is the perfect example among our women, her form is spot on and effortless.

Some great reports at last night’s Omaha Endurance Group gathering.  Angie Sypal Ross ran a 4:00 pr at the Governor’s Cup 15K,  John Tully payed it forward by serving as her pacer and they nailed it down with the last 5K being the fastest of the race.  Nice. Kathy Palmer has had to run a 1.5 mile time trial every year for the last many for her job (don’t ask me what it is, let’s just say I’m glad she’s got my back).  Last night she turned in her fastest 6 laps ever in a speedy 11:52!  Good luck this weekend to Enita Larsen and Amy Rief as they tackle the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC.  They’ve both been training hard through the summer and will be looking to achieve some heady goals.

As I “hit the shucks” last night I turned on the news, first ABC then NBC when commericals came on.  NBC had a screen shot of our Omaha Endurance Group’s facebook page, and right there was my post of our Wednesday night workout followed by the discussion of break ins at Zorinksy.   FYI, my dad called bedtime “hitting the shucks” for a good reason.  When he was growing up his family actually stuffed mattresses with corn shucks for their bedding. And I think I had it tough growing up.

An event I hope you will all put on your calendar.  A Very Good cause brought to my attention by Jordan Tucker, http://www.active.com/running/omaha-ne/trails-for-trevor-5k-2011
” Recently one of the kids i used to coach in baseball got in a pretty serious car accident out near 156th and harrison, he has gone through some serious proceedures and his family is struggling to pay med bills. They are putting on a run on Nov 12th at Zorinsky, think you could plug it at the events coming up or on your site?”
Hope you can help this young man and his family through this difficult time.

High Heel races are silly and I’m not a fan.