Enjoyed yesterday’s run in the snow with one of the top 50+ runners in Nebraska.  I’ve got a new favorite course right across the street from the apartment, Shadow Ridge Golf Course.  Beautiful.

An interesting part of the discussion was his revelation that he needs to frequently visit “Hurtville” in training because by jiminy you’d better be comfortable residing there during Real Racing.  This guy gets it.  He’s old school but hasn’t stuck his head in the sands of time passed, comfortable and enticing as that may be.

Reminiscent of another time to be sure.  “Only as good as your last race”, you’ve heard that here before, it was refreshing to share that sentiment once again.  Refuses to rest on his laurels or his haunches.  Very inspiring and motivating run for me.

I had a lot to say about the differences between today’s athletic youth and those of my generation.  Given my experience over the last 25 years I’ve earned my opinions to be sure.  Another phrase used that I liked was “Sage on the Stage”.  That tidily sums up how it used to be.  One man, wise, experienced, respected, leading through strength of Will.  Getting the troops mustered and informed of the day’s/weeks/months/year’s task.  And those troops understanding that they were required to do as they were told.  It sure isn’t that way any more.  I used a Very Firm hand when guiding Team Nebraska, the historical results are my legacy.  Not included in those accolades is a single popularity award.  Never my style.

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s friends and family premiere at McFly’s Tavern (4503 Center St) screening of “Fab Five, The Road to Ironman”.  The documentary covers the training and competition of Michelle Bandur, Bob Harris, Michelle Reitz, Javier and Sara Garcia as they earn their chops and tats at the Ironman Wisconsin last year.  There are still seats available for the 9:45 screening.  Just email your rsvp to

Another great event coming our way.  The Step it Up 5K/10K and Easter Egg hunt will be March 30.  It is a fundraiser for Autism Speaks and I hope you will support the cause.  More information available at the following link:

Answer to yesterday’s trivia question.  Dot McMahan (2:31:48), Melissa White (2:32:55), and Jill Swope (2008 USA 20K National Champion).

Feliz Viernes!


Crikey!  Way back in the day the annual Ralston 4th of July Run (~ 3 miles, ugh, ish)  was called a “mini-marathon”.  Thanks to Mike Reilly for sharing the pic.