Forty years of road race management chops.

I’ve seen our sport morph through MANY iterations.  The one thing that has never changed is the indomitable spirit of  runners.  Adapting through it all.  It has never been more apparent than how we have risen above this pandemic.

I am late but none the less a convert to this whole Virtual movement.  I didn’t understand it at first but am fully behind it now.  What changed my mind?  The daily reports I’m receiving from entrants into both our Nebraska Trail Run and Valley 7 Lakes Marathon & Half Marathon.  Inspiring stories and photos illustrating personal determination and accomplishment.

I’ve cried.  Once when we had to make the switch, and more than once reading how you runners did not let covid-19 keep you from Running To Your Potential.  Look, neither the Trail Run nor the Marathon was designed as a fun run, never intended as a social.  Rather, to challenge you to dig deeper than you ever have.  And you have given it your very best.

The sense of accomplishment on the trails of Platte River State Park, hard to  muster the courage to challenge them solo.  Good on you!

The aspirations of all those that embraced the opportunity provided by Valley 7 Lakes.  My contention is that every single runner entered had an agenda.  To run faster over 13.1 and 26.2 than ever before.  You trained with purpose.  And when the cannon was denied, you delivered anyway.  So many personal bests reported, so many stories of rising to the occasion.

I can’t predict how this virus will change our sport.  But I am confident that it won’t change you.  Here are a few of the photos that we hope will inspire you to Giddyup!