The Good Mother is truly amazing.  I recently read with great interest about Elysia cf. marginata.   Researchers are describing the little sea slug for its mind boggling ability to regenerate its entire body.  The cephalopod has demonstrated the ability to decapitate itself and regrow heart, lung, and body.  The head converts to plant status and utilizes photosynthesis to start all over.  The implications for medicine are limitless.

I feel kinship with the little guy.  Can draw a parallel to my own experience here in Nebraska.  I grew a full body of work (Team Nebraska & Nebraska USATF LDR), that was segmented  from me in 2012.  Leaving a head with no body.

I started my own regeneration.  First with Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Those early athletes that carried that shield into battle will always have a special place in my regrown heart!  Especially one Mr. Jay Willis Welp.

As my new body grew the only regulation was sunshine and inspiration.  The body allowed to grow and speak uninterrupted.  The evolution from 2012 until its near completion scheduled for Valley ONE Marathon on Saturday April 24th.

Elysia cf. marginata.  My little hero, I’m a Slug.