We are creeping up on the 300 (and 30 states!) mark for Valley 7 Lakes.  I’m darn proud of every single entrant for answering the call to “Run To Your Potential!”   Marching towards our cap of 500 serious runners.

We had a full committee meeting last night and the excitement is palpable.  Everyone at the table is on the same page.  To offer American athletes our very best effort so that they can give theirs.  There were also deep discussions on the New Day for Nebraska distance runners.  Spring Options!!!  Valley 7 Lakes.  Skedaddle Half in Sioux Falls.  And now the newest “Race In A Box”, the Omaha Women’s Half Marathon all set for the same weekend.  Lincoln 8 days later.  Cool.  Something for everyone!  Its not us vs. them, its us with them!  For you!

Valley 7 Lakes is crafting its own niche.  Its all about offering a different and unique opportunity to those that are inclined to pursue their excellence unimpeded.   300 runners?  OK.  500 runners?  OK.  Running is a sport that offers so much to so many.  We are dialing in our segment from across America.

Proudly hosting the USATF Nebraska Association Marathon Championships for the unbound  free agents,  free spirits, free thinkers, and lone wolves that support our local program.

Or that simply want to run the “Flattest Marathon In The World.”

The sea change has begun.  It will be an interesting spring.

Its about time.

My commemorative from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.  Telling time as good as ever.

This watch presented for my service to American Women.  Like me, still ticking and tocking and telling you what time it is!